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 The Candy Closet is the home of the largest variety of freeze-dried candy and international savory snacks. Our family brings you a modern way to indulge in life’s greatest pleasures –sweets and snacks! We use the novel freeze-drying process to transform eating traditional candies into a crunchy, flavorful, and improved snacking experience. The freeze-drying process dehydrates the candy and removes the liquid through a frozen state. The low pressurized chamber and the removal of liquid through ice, creates a new candy experience. From our beloved fruity crunchies to our tangy chamoy peach rings, freeze-dried candy is sure to tickle your taste-buds. Not only do we offer freeze-dried candy, but we also carry snacks from countries like Mexico, Korea, Thailand, Japan, and more. If you are looking for up-and-coming candy and snack experience, the Candy Closet is your next stop.



Who We Are
Growing up, siblings, Michael and Liz, always had a love for sweet treats. In our childhood home, we had a pantry that always had those delicious and indulgent snacks. We jokingly named that pantry the Candy Closet, because anytime you opened the door, you were in for a treat. In 2022 Michael, Liz, and Megan, decided to re-imagine our candy closet into an experience we could share with you all. The Candy Closet has a modern assortment of candy and snacks for anyone looking to spice up life’s best indulgence. Make sure to shop our freeze-dried candy and more!

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About Us

Learn about the Candy Closet Team!