Candy Closet Chamoy Pickle Kit

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Candy Closet Chamoy Pickle Kit

Candy Closet Chamoy Pickle Kit

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Pickle Flavor Big Tex Chamoy Pickle (Classic Red Pickle)

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Candy Closet's Chamoy Pickle Kit made with The Famous Alamo Candy Co. Big Tex Pickle

"Create a sweet and spicy adventure with our Candy Closet Chamoy Pickle Kit. Perfect for those who crave bold and unique flavors. Experience the delightful tanginess of pickles paired with a burst of sweetness in every bite. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds (and impress your friends) with this tasty treat!"

Pickle Kit Contains:
1 Candy Closet Gift Box
1 Alamo Candy Co. Pickle of Your Choice **
1 Watermelon Lucas Skwinkles
1 Lucas Gusano - Chamoy
1 Pack Alamo Candy Co. Chamoy Pulpa Packet
1 Lucas Chamoy Powder
1 Small Tajin Bottle

** Pickle Options:
Big Tex Chamoy Pickle
Cherry Flavored Pickle
Classic Dill Pickle
Sour Pickle
Jalapeno Pickle