More BOOTS!!

March 27, 2012

I am out of control with the shoes and boots right now.  I haven’t bought anything but I am obsessed at the moment.  This blog was originally intended for me to talk to myself about decorating my dream closet but it’s turned into my own person shoe venting shrink couch!  This brand Irregular Choice always has had stranger designs.  I think I owned a pair back in San Diego that I gave away when I moved to Sweden.  I used to see them at Nordstrom Rack a lot (miss that place so bad!!)  These are very cool and if I were 10 years younger and still living in the big city, I would go for it.  But sadly as my life is now, they would collect dust.  They remind me the jacket Madonna wore in Desperately Seeking Susan!


One Response to “More BOOTS!!”

  1. Cordelia said

    That’s a posting full of instghi!

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