August 15, 2011

Well, I tried my hand at the triathlon yesterday.  SPRINT triathlon.  I did okay considering A. it was my first try, and B. NO training.  LOL!  I am in running shape but I was NOT, I repeat, NOT in swimming shape.  After 100 meters doing the crawl I hit the wall and just struggled through it with whatever stroke I could.  Horrible!  I was in second to last place out of the pool (out of 38 competitors) and then was in dead last to change and get on my bike.  I never passed anyone during the cycling which meant I was dead last so I knew I had to jam it out during the run.  Fortunately, I cranked out 5k in 27 minutes (good considering just having swam 400 m and cycled 20k) I passed 6 people on the run finishing 32 out of 38.  Not impressive I say.  I am used to finishing in the top half or close to it.  NEXT YEAR baby, full on swimming and cycling training and  new racing bike will certainly put me at least somewhere in the middle.  Also, the people that were competing were hardcore.  There weren’t any slouches there.  I am so glad I didn’t finish last is all I know!  Final time 1:36:28.  Next year’s goal:  1:26:00!

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